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01 Mar 2020
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From today Thermorossi technology anticipates your expectations for tomorrow.
An inimitable new stove enters the scene, innovative in concept and unique in elegance.
Designed from a new point of view: yours.
BellaVista TM was born: the first pellet stove with panoramic firebox glass that offers a 270 degree view of the flame.
An extraordinary design and cutting-edge technology.
Rounded shapes, rigorous lines, contrasting surfaces, refined colour combinations and finishes, well outlined volumes supported by materials.
Available in the silent air plus version, BellaVista is certainly destined to conquer new consumer groups who want a simple and functional product.
Safe, elegant, and a symbol of personal identification.

Because BellaVista is:

Versatile in its solutions, in fact, it allows new applications, open space in the middle of the room, on the wall with minimum encumbrance, peninsula fireplace, as a separator of two rooms.

Simple to use, with the motorized burner equipped with the patented PelletPower technology.

Ecological, because equipped with the exchanger with particular V-shaped geometry, able to obtain an efficiency unique in its category.

Safe, for the hermetic closure of the firebox door and the various mechanical devices.

Exclusive, because enriched with decorative stones that make each individual stove a unique piece, in compliance with eco-compatibility criteria.

Precious, thanks to the crystal finish with warming and ashtray function.

Unmistakable, because unique in its elegance and practicality, suitable to customize any domestic environment.

From today the world of stoves is changing, because the time has come when facts count more than words.
Bellavista, Stove of the Year 2016 according to the public.

Designed, built and patented by Thermorossi.

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