Chic Idra 18

Pellet Thermostove
Chic, the pellet stove with a refined and timeless style, to make your home a romantic and elegant place.
Heatable area
146 .
  • White

1 - Programmable, with remote control
2 - Sliding access for pellet loading
3 - Precious handmade handmade majolica
4 - Screen-printed ceramic glass and cast iron firebox door

Every uniti s tested for one hour in the factory Simplified cleaning system External rotor room fan is guaranteed for 4 years Pelletpower® - Patented burner Made in Italy Remote control Heat exchanger Thermocore® Our products don’t incur additional cost for adjustments or testing Smart info Thermosilent system Crono_36x36 Silenziosita_36x36 Natura_36x36 Maggior_sicurezza_36x36 Ermetico_36x36 elevati_spessori_36x36 Scalda_vivande_new-36x36


Advanced cleaning PELLETPOWER®

The new, more precise and refined construction technique guarantees safety and emissions under control. With Pelletpower the ashes are removed at the sides and collected in the drawer, the burner ensures constant efficiency without interruption and no waste of fuel. Even more advanced and industrialized thanks to the Advanced Cleaning technology, built in super resistant Incoloy 800HT alloy, which can be inspected and removed by the user.