Popstar Cristallo

Pellet stove
The flame even more beautiful, thanks to the burner with Pellet Power® technology able to combine functionality without sacrificing the charm of fire. With a pellet reserve capacity of 25 kg, Popstar is the result of an engineering project that combines the best of years of experience and innovation. Versatile, modern and timeless like a Popstar.
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1 - Symmetrical integrated upper smoke outlet for Ø80 and coaxial pipe Ø125/130
2 - Heat exchanger with Thermocore® technology
3 - Rear smoke outlet in axle with the stove
4 - Programmable control screen, with remote control
5 - Removable handle. Essentiality in design and greater safety
6 - PelletPower® patented burner
7 - Precious crystal door

Made in Italy Crono_36x36 Collaudo Tubo_coassiale_36x36 Thermocore_36x36 Telecomando_36x36 Silenziosita_36x36 Regolazione_36x36 Pellet_power_36x36 Ventilatore_garanzia_36x36 Test_in_fabbrica_36x36 Natura_36x36 Maggior_sicurezza_36x36 Ermetico_36x36 elevati_spessori_36x36 Easy_cleaning_36x36