Wood stove
Filò is the cast iron wood burning stove that wins everyone over, the meeting point for the whole family. Discover Scrigno®, the magic of a cooktop and oven that simply disappears.
Heatable area
90 .
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1 - Cast iron lid and frame.
2 - Cast iron cooktop complete with cast iron rims and thermometer
3 - Smoke by-pass technology, dramatically reduces smoke output into the room with each wood charge
4 - Integrated Scrigno® opening-closing handle
5 - Cast iron firebox door
6 - Cast iron combustion chamber (HxWxD - 400x360x385)
7 - Loading port (WxH - 313x300)
8 - Vintage Look Handle

Simplified cleaning system Made in Italy Smoke by pass elevati_spessori_36x36 Scalda_vivande_new-36x36