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Progetto Fuoco 2024, a dialogue between nature and technology!

05 Mar 2024

During the biennial exhibition Progetto Fuoco at the Verona Exhibition Centre from 28 February to 02 March 2024, Thermorossi presented its new products and obtained an important feedback in participation and approval. More than 45 thousand visitors were recorded, with a 12% increase in visitors from abroad who made Progetto Fuoco the most important world event dedicated to wood and pellet heating. The main theme we wanted to tackle is the encounter between nature and technology, as well as the dialogue between them. The harmony perceived when visiting our stand originated from the encounter between the natural element (that is trees, a source of renewable energy which has always been appreciated and recognised) and the newest conceptual visions of heat.
Our settings reproduced the images of a way of living that combines energy saving, efficiency for a more eco-sustainable world and the pleasure given by the warmth of fire, an unquestionable source of passion and life. The biomass energy, in particular wood, represents a renewable, economical and safe form of energy. The circularity forest-wood-energy has inspired our stand to create a supply chain that connects demand to supply, yet keeping an eye on the turnover of technology, a must for changing air quality.

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